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About the Band

Band of And August 2017



Liz "Lectric" & Richard "Rich" Gentile: Liz - Lead Vocals / Rich - Guitar, Keyboards ...... Liz is as vibrant a performer as they come, delivering her vocals with passion and verve. Her rich alto voice is as much at home with a sultry ballad as it is with a driving rock tune, visually and audibly she is the total package. Liz and Rich hail from Brooklyn, New York, making the move to Tampa in the early 90s. Pickin around with his first guitar at age ten, Rich never put it down, rather added to it with bass guitar, pedal steel guitar, and finally Keyboards. Country, Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, he’s played it all, admitting that he has a real love for classic rock describing it as the music of his youth. Rich says lovingly, “ I’ve had the good fortune of performing with Liz my wife of 35 years. She is an accomplished vocalist and sings straight from the heart and with a lot of soul. We always have a lot of fun with it, and when she belts out her favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn, I get goose bumps”. Rich as well as Liz have played locally with the Streetwise Band and the Tonebenders at some of Tampa’s most renown hotspots. Rich is the consumate tasteful player.


Steve "Senator" Sperry: Vocals, Drums / Percussion, Keyboards, Electric Flute ..... A member of the New Puddin Basin Group, a well received sixties cover band that played the Florida circuit, including some of the old Tampa landmark night clubs, Steve has sustained a life long creative effort and kept his hand in the local music and art scene. He formed a cover and original material band, Wunderbred, in the mid 90s that enjoyed some limited exposure. He continues to work on his own and with fellow musicians on original projects. Influences are ecclectic, including: Herbie Mann, Tim Weisberg, Billy Preston, Dean Martin, "Zep and Floyd", the Beatles of course, Tool, Primus, the Kinks, Outkast, Mars Volta, everything Motown, Alison Krauss, and a'capella Barbershop Quartet music.


Bert "M-Town" Hoernschemeyer: Bass ......As early as  nine Bert  started "gigging" at roller rinks in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida transitioning to bass a few years later when his group needed a bass player. He has always had a strong tie to music with a particular passion for bass. Growing up in a musical family he developed a passion early on, often signing around the family piano with his mother and sister. His early career in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area included various groups, most notably "The Cousins", of Criteria Studios best known for recording the Bee Gees hit album "Staying Alive! Bert's various groups have opened for Robert Goulet, Canned Heat, The Boxtops, The Angels, Chubby Checker, Procol Harum, and numerous other popular groups. Bert is influenced by “greats” such as Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Jack Bruce, John Entwhistle, John McVie, Geddy Lee, Ross Valory, Chris Squire, Joe Bonamassa, Don Hendley, and the Funk Brothers’ bassist James Jamerson. Recent projects include the "The Dave Shepard Show", "Whiskey Chaser", and" Tyler Creek Road".






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