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About the Band -  past & present

Steve "Senator" Sperry: Vocals, Drums / Percussion, Keyboard, Flute ..... A member of the New Puddin Basin Group, a well received sixties cover band that played the Florida circuit, including some of the old Tampa landmark night clubs, Steve has sustained a life long creative effort and kept his hand in the local music and art scene. He formed a cover and original material band, Wunderbred, in the mid 90s that enjoyed some limited exposure. He continues to work on his own and with fellow musicians on original projects. Influences are ecclectic, including: Herbie Mann, Tim Weisberg, Billy Preston, Dean Martin, "Zep and Floyd", the Beatles of course, Tool, Primus, the Kinks, Outkast, Mars Volta, everything Motown, Alison Krauss, and a'capella Barbershop Quartet music.

Marvin "Hey, Buddy!" Lovett:  Keyboard, Vocals ....... Coming from a musical family, Marvin started playing piano at age 6. He studied music in depth throughout secondary school and college, and has played professionally in a wide variety of musical settings:  various groups at Busch Gardens Theme Park, Tampa, Fl.;  very successful top 40/rock bands (including: Crystal Image Band , Jaxsonville Beach, Fl. for 5 years, 5 nights a week ); and the highly successful Reggae/Caribbean band Both Worlds, at the former Adam's Mark Resort on Clearwater Beach, Fl. for 10 years, 6 days a week. Marvin is also a music director/pianist/composer for high school and community musical theatres. Keyboard and vocal favorites include: Billy Joel, Maurice White of Earth, Wind and Fire, Todd Rundgren and the Beatles.

Rick "Papi" Maney: Vocals, Guitar, Keyboard, Drums  ..... Grew up in a musical home. His father, Alfred Maney, was an accomplished musician who played trombone in a number of popular dance bands. Despite this impressive pedigree, Richard never amounted to anything musically. Rick began playing guitar at age twelve and appeared in his first band, The Rumbles, with John brown and vocalist Cindi Bell while in middle school. By high school, he met Rick Litsch, Jim Haager and Bob Henderson. Then, he and his friend-since-third-grade, John Brown, formed the Innmates, a rock band that truly mastered the garage sound. The band played a number of local venues and, at its pinnacle , had two groupies. After playing for several years with the Innmates, Rick was socially promoted to the University of Florida. While playing guitar in the dorm, another resident stepped up and began singing harmony. Rick and Leornd Butts went on to perform at coffee houses and clubs as The Loveday Largo Confession, largely on the strength of Lenny's talent. After again being socially promoted to law school, Rick took a brief forty year hiatus from music. He has happily rejoined the Music scene in his band the "Innmates" , along with his high school buds, Rick Litsch and John Brown they have resurrected it from the 60s..........Great Classic Rock.

Charlie "The Thump" Velez:  Bass ..... I was smitten with the bass guitar the first time I saw the movie; “Hard Day’s Night” and saw Paul McCartney play his Hofner. I was always drawn by what I considered the “back bone” of music; the thump of a good bass lick. I am self-taught and have been playing since my teens. I have been in numerous bands and have played just about every style of music genre from rock, jazz, Latin and country. During the 70’s and 80’s, I was a member of the Grammy award winning, Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir and performed in venues like Radio City Music Hall and Carnegie Hall in New York City. My bass player heroes include, Paul McCartney, James Jameson of Motown fame and former bass player of the Police; Sting. My “go to” bass line up is an Ibanez SR500, Rickenbacker 4300, and a Custom Fender Precision.Charlie now plays  with the "Innmates" along with his brother George.

Liz "Lectric" and Rich Gentile: Lead Vocal and Guitar .....   Originally from New York, they made the move to Tampa in the early 90s. Pickin around with his first guitar at age 10 Rich never put it down, only added to it; bass guitar, pedal steel guitar, and finally Keyboards. Country, Blues, R&B, Classic Rock, he’s played it all, admitting that he has a real love for classic rock describing it as the music of his youth. Rich says lovingly, “ I’ve had the good fortune to often perform with Liz my wife of 35 years. She is an accomplished vocalist and sings straight from the heart and with a lot of soul. We always have a lot of fun with it, and when she belts out her favorite Stevie Ray Vaughn, I get goose bumps”.  Rich as well as Liz have played locally with the Streetwise Band and the Tonebenders at some of Tampa’s most renown hotspots.

Bert "M-Town" Hoernschemeyer: Bass .....As early as  nine Bert  started "gigging" at roller rinks in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida transitioning to bass a few years later when his group needed a bass player. He has always had a strong tie to music with a particular passion for bass. Growing up in a musical family he developed a passion early on, often signing around the family piano with his mother and sister. His early career in the Fort Lauderdale/Miami area included various groups, most notably "The Cousins".  Bert's various groups have opened for Robert Goulet, Canned Heat, The Boxtops, The Angels, Chubby Checker, Procol Harum, and numerous other popular groups. Bert is influenced by “greats” such as Paul McCartney, John Paul Jones, Jack Bruce, John Entwhistle, John McVie, Geddy Lee, Ross Valory, Chris Squire, Joe Bonamassa, Don Hendley, and the Funk Brothers’ bassist James Jamerson. Recent projects include the "The Dave Shepard Show", "Whiskey Chaser", and" Tyler Creek Road".


Top Row: (L to R) "A Wild Bird", Rick Maney, Marvin Lovett, Charlie Velez
Bottom Row: (L to R) Bert Hoernschmeyer, Steve Sperry, Rich Gentile, Liz Gentile 

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