Partial Ppost

  The proud and erect mailbox, our gateway to the physical mail world. Decorated and adorned in an endless array
  of motifs, these utilitarian stations are alive with personality, and like snowflakes no two are alike. Standing dutifully
  at the forefront of our homes these diligent centennials represent us like a proud family member. They brave the weather,
  bat swinging vandals, snarling mowers, all for the opportunity to have their gapping mouths stuffed with bills, pulp paper
  neighborhood flyers, endless coupons, or quite possibly a rancid copy of the Enquirer. Never choosing to irresponsibly hop
  away they tirelessly perform their seemingly mundane  task of harboring our daily ration of mail.
  Our firmly rooted little friends are inquisitive, gregarious, and by the very nature of their job, incessant readers.
  Hide in the bushes sometime and watch them in their element. Be aware of local loitering ordinances.

Partial Post Cartoons


Persistence of Mail
1) Persistence

Batter Up
5) Batter Up

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2) Hopper

Permanent Address
6) Permanent Address

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3) Pop

7) Lucy

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Butterfly Escape
4) Butterfly Escape

Letter Play
8) Letter Play

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