Flying Potato

   For most of us the concept of a flying potato is new, odd, impossible, or all of the above. Not so for the actual
   potato who consider themselves rather adept at the science of flight. Potatoes left unattended will grow long
   spindly tentacle like potato wings, perfect  for propelling them thru the air in a flight-like manner. Potato flight
   is not particularly graceful like that of a hawk or pelican who glides gracefully on updrafts like a stunt plane
   performing aerobatics. The potato is a get it done flyer who flaps it's ungainly tentacles like hell until it
   eventually clears the ground, only to abruptly fall back to terra firma if it doesn't keep flapping. Potatoes fly
   about as well as a flying squirrel, which could actually be termed a falling squirrel. Potatoes do not build nests,
   lay oviparous eggs, migrate, or whistle pretty little melodies from the tops of trees. They do however make great
   hash browns. I like potatoes, especially when they are flying in formation. This little blurb on "tators' makes
   about as much sense as my Flying Potato cartoons. I hope they serve to entertain and bewilder you. 

Flying Potato Cartoons


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